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We don’t have customers, we have partners. We integrate your goals into our strategic project planning. Your business goals is our project milestones.
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We bring you powerful advantages to navigate your digital transformation. Founded to provide cutting-edge tech solutions.

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Education Industry
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Our Services

Solution Providers.

At AIKA Systems, we build intelligent solutions for data-driven businesses to enhance their productivity and customer experience. We transform how IT services are delivered.

Web Development & Mobile App Design

We help purposeful brands leverage the internet for brand exposure. A high end web solutions provider with premium packages.

Digital Marketing

Our practice helps enterprises build deeper customer relationships by delivering personalized experiences

Our Services

E-Learning Services

We provide Educational IT and E-Learning services through our platform We also provide custom E-learning solutions to cater to the needs of our partners.

IT Consultancy & Support

Re-imagine your business with a hands-on thought partner to help you define, design and deliver results.


Service Plans.

You asked for it and we delivered. Introducing the integrated service plans. Enjoy a combination of our services at a discounted rate. Why select one service when you can have a whole team behind you.

Normal single service pricing is available as well.

Reasonable Monthly Fees
Get the current deal without any risk and additional fees.
  • Multi Service Selection
  • Team Support
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Custom Design & Features
  • Self Portal
  • VPS Hosting
  • Custom Emails
  • Project Management / CRM
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Frequently Asked

Do you offer trial period?

Yes, we do offer trial period. Contact us now to make arrangement for the trial period.

How do I pay for your service?

We offer both offline and online payment options, just contact us and we will make the payment as seamless as possible

Is it cheaper to signup for a package or single services?

It is cheaper to sign up for the services as packaged due to the discount you enjoy.

I want only a single service, is that possible?

Yes. You can sign up for any of our available services as before at the same old prices.

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Our Services

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