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Data Lake

Data Lake

AIKA Systems services you build an efficient data management platform that is robust, secure & scalable.

Despite knowing the vast potential that every piece of information presents for an organization they often struggle to maintain the data quality & quantity simultaneously. Data professionals need infrastructure that eliminates this disparity and incompatibility of legacy data storage systems. A Data Lake is the answer to that.

A data lake empowers you to experiment with the data that your business stakeholders haven’t found the need for, As part of our Data Lake Services, we help you set up a cost-effective storage platform, eliminating the need to let go of the unstructured or unknown data sets hence expanding the possibilities to innovate.

Our team of Data Lake Experts is comprised of data scientists, consultants, engineers & analysts who have helped organizations in streamlining the data discovery, insights delivery and administration of Data Lake platforms like Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, Hadoop, Google Cloud & AWS. We deliver solutions that have a strict adherence to all the security and privacy measures to safeguard your data.

A well thought data governance and data warehousing strategy helps enterprises to maximize the return on their investments by enhancing accessibility, transparency & functionality.

AIKA Systems has got a team of data warehouse experts who have worked on sophisticated and complex enterprise-level data warehouses where the volume, variety, and velocity were all high. Our data warehousing consultants have architected systems & processes that have not only optimized for the current needs but were also scalable to meet future demands.

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