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Data Science

Data Science

Delivering Advanced Analytical Solutions for Your Emerging Needs.

The explosion of data sources, larger volume and variety of data than ever at their disposal along with rapidly advancing technology is yielding a wealth of new business opportunities for organizations to leverage. With advanced data analytics services, the business gets newer insights and better answers that are beyond the scope of traditional business intelligence. This helps the decision-makers take corrective measures proactively to get to the desired results.

With many open source technologies available, incorporating advanced analytics solutions into the organization’s workflow becomes a challenge. When the organizational data processes remain in siloes, advanced analytical initiatives are unable to drive measurable outcomes.

At AIKA Systems, we bring deep knowledge at delivering advanced analytics consulting through open source machine learning platforms with R and Python to help grow your business. We define the organizational problem statements, discover the right data sources, understand the internal as well as external features that impact target features, estimate and validate models and set up a visualization layer on top.

We have delivered cutting-edge data and advanced analytics solutions to help organizations stay at the forefront of innovation. This has resulted in productivity gains at organizations and lead to improved business operations, more engaged employees, and better customer retention.

We have industry subject matter advanced analytics experts who bring a strong understanding of business processes along with a team of data scientists, statisticians, mathematicians, and coders. Some of the use cases that we have implemented at organizations are: sales forecasting, market-basket analysis, customer segmentation, fraud detection, price variability analysis and churn analysis.

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