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Healthcare companies are amassing a massive amount of data from operations, clinical, patient history, costs and claims, research and development and patient behaviour data.

It has become essential to leverage this well to manage costs & risks well and provide the best quality of healthcare services to the patients.

Data science & big data are revolutionizing healthcare with the promise to provide truly personalized healthcare service to all.

However, the biggest challenge is to leverage data to gain deep insights. Companies can uncover vast competitive advantages by processing health data at speed.

At AIKA Systems, we have helped healthcare providers to leverage the power of analytics to cut back costs, increase their sales, and enhance patient safety while staying compliant with regulations. Our healthcare analytics solutions help managers & professionals perform better with access to insights at their fingertips. For hospital and healthcare managers, our solutions provide a useful combination of financial and administrative information that can help to design better patient care efforts, services, and to improve the existing procedures.

Visualization & Advanced Analytics

We have worked to optimize healthcare processes by working on critical use cases and help companies:

  • Analyzing data from devices that are monitoring the health of the people in real-time, to predict and avoid the onset of diseases.
  • Analyze the patient throughput to make the best use of bed space and optimize healthcare treatments.
  • Predict under-staffing in specific locations to better inform staffing initiatives.
  • Measuring utilization prices, ordering strategically to reduce the opportunity of stock going out-of-date, and ensuring standardization while in the purchasing process.
  • Gain insights into hospital management, patient records, costs and diagnoses to derive optimal business and patient health care value.
  • Increase the efficiency of test processes by eliminating redundant tests and cutting down on wasteful procedures.
  • Predict patient volumes & analyze under-staffing in real-time.
  • Enable hospitals to plan for pathology services in the network.
  • Enable team to drive commercial growth and productivity in B2B sales.

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